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Clean BI data has never been simpler.

Taxo revolutionizes digital campaign taxonomy enforcement, by empowering your media buying teams to do the right thing from the very start.

One Source of Truth

Taxo allows you to standardize your global campaign taxonomies, and handles complex taxonomy use cases such as conditional values between fields or fixated values across all naming granularities. By reflecting the latest taxonomy updates and changes in real-time, Taxo serves as one source of truth.

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Preventive check

Taxo verifies taxonomy configurations during campaign setup, and can intervene campaign launch if any mistake or noncompliance is detected.

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Native build

Taxo allows your agency partners to build out taxonomies natively on the 15+ media buying platforms, without passing through any 3rd party campaign management platforms or 3rd party naming generators such as Excel Sheet.

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Taxo pinpoints campaign managers accountable for each taxonomy noncompliance, for efficient communication and immediate correction.

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Taxo enforces campaign taxonomies on 15+ media buying platforms across Social, Search & Programmatic, to ensure omnichannel accuracy.


Taxo handles all kinds of taxonomy needs, from niche naming connectors to complex dynamic logics between fields.


Taxo triggers real-time notifications whenever a campaign is launched with incorrect taxonomy setup.

Plug & Play

Taxo requires 0 process change and 0 learning curve from your media buying partners. Grasp Taxo is activated automatically on the 15+ native media buying platforms upon registration.

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The complexity of piloting global brands and their media buying requires new tools. Grasp and its very dynamic team are on the top of this evolution.

Jochen Zaumseil
Former Executive VP Asia Pacific, L'Oréal
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This is a fantastic solution to ensure the compliance of our digital campaigns before they go live. The user-friendly extension combined with the alert system saves our team a lot of time.

Alice Martinier
VP Director Trading Operations, Havas USA